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Return Policy

RETURN POLICY: Markit Health, LLC will issue refunds for non-liquid, un-opened bottles within 45 days of your original order date minus any shipping fees. Any customer who requests a refund from Markit Health must post mark their return package within 45 days of the original order date or they will not be refunded. (NOTE: Those shipments sent to Markit Health requesting a refund with post mark dates beyond 45 days after the original order date will be returned upon request within 15 days of acceptance). 

Refrigerated products, liquid products, and special orders are non-returnable and non-refundable. 

Original Order Date: Please check your original order date sent by eMail from Markit Health at the time of your purchase to determine if you are within the 45 day period. If you did not provide an eMail address during your order then your order date can also be found on your receipt located in your package.  

If you are having trouble locating your original order date then contact us at: (800) 950-0387 and ask for RETURN INFORMATION. Items must be properly packaged and returned at the customer's expense. We must receive these products unopened and in new condition. The label should be reviewed prior to opening a product. When you return products to Markit Health, please package them adequately and return via USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS to: 

M a r k i t  H e a l t h 
145 Mirona Road • Suite 200
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
ATTN: Returns Department 

Refund Check: A prorated check will be sent after Markit Health takes possession of the unopened returned bottles. A name and address must be placed in the return package for refund check purposes.

If you have any questions please call us toll free at (800) 950.0387. 




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