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Clinical Blood Sugar Support
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Fasting Blood Sugar 196 to 89 • Hemoglobin A1c 7.7 to 4.66 • Cholesterol 338 to 240
Blood Pressure 171/75 to 146/70 • Weight Change (lbs) 211 to 202

DiaMetrix® is the most studied and clinically tested dietary supplement in its category, and has been shown to be a superior choice in promoting numerous health markers.

Combining supplements like HCA, chromium, vanadium, gymnema sylvestre, cinnamon, bitter melon, banaba, and fenugreek makes DiaMetrix an all-natural alternative to costly, side-effect-laden pharmaceuticals.

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Why DiaMetrix?

DiaMetrix® is supported by a gold standard, double blind clinical study performed in 2007 as well as a Murine Model In Vivo study in 2010. As you may know these studies are very rare in the supplement industry. Review Our New 2010 Murine Study.

DiaMetrix Specifics

Practically every product ever formulated to assist with blood glucose balance contains one or more of the ingredients contained in DiaMetrix. For good reason, DiaMetrix is designed for a single purpose: to help increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. DiaMetrix doesn't treat symptoms, it attacks the root of the problem. Period.

We believe after reviewing the trial results, you'll agree there's nothing like DiaMetrix available anywhere, Natural or Pharmaceutical.

DiaMetrix is a different type of blood sugar health option compared to all others.
No herbal supplement marketers invest in clinical studies supporting their products effectiveness. Why? Simple. Most herbal supplements don't work very well and nobody is going to spend the money necessary to prove they don't work.


The DiaMetrix® Difference:
Proprietary Db2™ Complex

The natural ingredients used in the proprietary Db2 Complex are some of the most heavily researched in the nutraceutical industry. DiaMetrix is the most advanced natural product for blood glucose health of any available today.

We specialize in proprietary formulations supported by double-blind clinical studies. We are making significant contributions to the advanced science of alternative natural nutrition.

Blood glucose support is multi-faceted. DiaMetrix takes a muti-faceted approach with a powerful combination of herbal extracts and antioxidants.

DiaMetrix's proprietary Db2 Complex has undergone intense clinical testing.

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What People are saying about DiaMetrix

All DiaMetrix customer responses are real and verifiable. All copies of original customer testimonials are keep on file.

I have been a diabetic for over 15 years... and have always had trouble keeping my blood sugar within range taking only my prescribed medications.  I have always looked for a natural way to enhance my meds and keep my blood sugar down.  I try to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. I found the product Diametrix and started taking it a few months ago.  My quarterly blood sugar tests before taking Diametrix were in the 219-225 range.  Once I began taking Diametrix my test results dropped by 100 points.  I was AMAZED.  Taking the same prescription meds and just adding Diametrix had an incredible effect on my blood sugar.  Diametrix contains the ingredients that diabetics need in order to help maintain a healthy blood sugar, along with prescription meds, diet and exercise. 

C.C. – Dallas, TX.

I started taking DiaMetrix when I found out that my blood sugar was a 580 and it scared me. I was put on lots of different types of blood sugar medicines and had almost no improvement so I got the DiaMetrix and it went down drastically to just under 200 in a week. Then I was off the blood sugar meds in 6 months and stayed off . What a gift from above to be getting healthy.

G.D. – Erial NJ

I went for a routine checkup and had blood testing done. My doctor called me and said my sugar was 390 and he was certain that I am diabetic. I immediately changed my diet and started exercising. I got your email and decided to try DiaMetrix. I was testing myself and my readings varied from 168 to 208.

After taking DiaMetrix for 3 days, my readings have been 96,96,98,100 and 113! I’m absolutely convinced that DiaMetrix has helped tremendously. No doubt in my mind. I told my doctor that I refuse to take insulin and I will lower it through diet, exercise and natural supplements. He then called me and said that my good cholesterol was only 32 and had to be at least 40, my triglycerides were 2200 and should be about 200 and my bad cholesterol was extremely high and he immediately prescribed Crestor. I do not want to take the drugs so I made up my mind that I would beat this on my terms!

I will be calling to be put on the automatic shipping schedule. I am excited to have such dramatic results in just 3 weeks but the really amazing results have been over the week I have been taking DiaMetrix. I was steadily decreasing but only slightly, so the decrease form 168 to 96 in 3 days is absolute proof that your product is a must for anyone fighting dreaded diabetes. Obviously diet, exercise and weight loss are the keys but coupled with DiaMetrix, this disease can be beaten naturally!

Update from G.D.

I have now lost 54 lbs, reduced my cholesterol from 525 to 127. My triglycerides have gone from 2200 to 120, my good cholesterol from a low of 32 to 45 and my sugars has been 83 to about 131. My doctor calls me the miracle man and I did it all in 93 days. I took your advise as well as several other people and pretty much realized that losing the weight was the most important thing. I am completely convinced that your product has significantly helped in reducing my sugar levels and helped me drop the pounds.

Alan – Stockholm, WI

I’m about 3 months into trying DiaMetrix. My fasting blood sugars were in the 170 range. With diet changes for the first two months I saw my after meal reading drop, but no change in fasting. After 3 months I now see consistent fasting levels in the low 120’s and after meal readings between 90 and 120. The doctor was very impressed. It does seem to be having a very positive effect.

Linda – Jackson, GA

After reading The Diabetes Cure and seeing what supplements could do everything changed. I researched and found DiaMetrix as a result. Two years ago my a1c was 7.7 and today is is 6.2, I have lost 45 lbs and began to exercise every day at least 30 minutes.

L.B. - Corrales, NM

After several weeks of feeling unusually tired and sleepy, being constantly thirsty, and going to the bathroom every thirty minutes, I went to see my doctor. After getting the results of the blood profile, he painted a fairly gloomy picture of my future, gave me a month's supply of Avandia, told me to meet with a nutritionist, and check back with him in three months.

I am pleased to report that I never broke the seal on the Avandia, but went to Google and searched for alternatives. Very quickly I found your website, and ordered a month's supply.

My testing equipment and my DiaMetrix arrived about the same time. I also made major changes in my diet - eliminating sweets and essentially eliminating potatoes, rice, and pasta. I started taking daily walks. Within a few days, my symptoms subsided and I started feeling better and better. Today, just over three months later, I can honestly say I feel better in every respect than I have in at least ten years, have lost twenty pounds and four inches in my waist, and feel confident that the next ninety days will continue to show progress in this area as well.

Also, my blood pressure at my last exam was spot on 110/80! I must say, when my doctor looked at my blood test, my weight, and my blood pressure... he could NOT suppress his astonishment, although he was REALLY trying! He simply said, "Just keep on doing what you have been doing!"

Words can't express how pleased I am with DiaMetrix, but with numbers like these... they don't have to!

R.A. - Wooster, OH

When I discovered that my blood sugar was out of wack. I changed my diet drastically. I eat only low carbs and high protein foods. I also read many books on the subject of alternative treatments for diabetes. My weight immediately started to drop from 270 to185 in about 15 months. I took herbal supplements that helped lower my blood sugar from 200 to the 130-140 range.

I saw an ad for DiaMetrix in a health newsletter. As soon as I started taking the product my blood sugar dropped to 88 to 110 prior to eating and 94 to 120 two hours after eating.

I also exercise by walking 30 to 40 minutes at least once a day, usually twice. I am glad that with DiaMetrix I am on the path to maintaining healthy blood sugar.

M.H. - Eagan, MN

I've had alot of success with DiaMetrix. My blood sugar has gone from 180 to under 120 and I have alot more energy now...not so sluggish as before. I've also had the unexpected result of losing an extra 10 lbs. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The extra H.C.A. in the new formulation is also an extra help.

M.S. - Sutherlin, OR

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Of course, I did everything the doctors told me to do (loose weight and exercise and eat better). It did help, but I was not making the progress I wanted until I started taking DiaMetrix. That is when I lost even more weight, my total cholesterol went from 236 to 183 and I am no longer diabetic. That was two years ago. DiaMetrix is and will always be a part of my health regime.

S.P. – Grand Prairie, TX

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The Science

Ask yourself this question. Is the product I'm about to put into my body supported by a double-blind clinical trial?

Many people take alternative natural products on faith. They want to believe if it's natural it will be effective. That is not always true.

Most believe that it's possible to know if a natural approach works by simply trying it. The insights of a double-blind study cut through someone's wishful thinking and idealism & make them a hard-nosed skeptic. What you should be asking is "Show me the double-blind study & I'll pay attention"

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The DiaMetrix Story

In early 2006, the positive results of a small preliminary trial convinced the creators of the formula to invest in a larger 100 person, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, human clinical study. The study was designed primarily to examine how well DiaMetrix works with the body to promote healthy blood glucose by measuring response in a glucose challenge test, A1c and other biological markers.

Secondarily, the study examined how well DiaMetrix works with the body to promote healthy triglyceride, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The study began in June 2007 and concluded in September 2007. The study also measured 14, 30, 60, and 90 day fasting blood glucose levels. The 90 day reading supplied A1c levels that were compared to those taken at the start of the study. We invite you to review the complete DiaMetrix clinical trial report.

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DiaMetrix Frequently Asked Questions

Is DiaMetrix® Effective?

The trial results speak for themselves.

The DiaMetrix formula and the trial results were introduced to over 6,000 health care practitioners attending a national medical conference. The response was amazing. Doctors are now the fastest growing segment recommending and using the DiaMetrix formula. Once again, numbers don't lie. The trial results are changing the way people approach their quest for optimal blood sugar support.

Can I take DiaMetrix® directly before a meal or do I have to wait 15-30 minutes?

DiaMetrix is formulated for rapid tablet disintegration once ingested. Taking DiaMetrix anywhere from 15 minutes before to just before eating is the ideal time.

Is DiaMetrix® OK for someone with Type 1 diabetes?

DiaMetrix is designed to attack the cause of Type 2 diabetes (insulin resistance), which is quite different than Type 1. However, many people with Type 1 diabetes eventually develop some insulin resistance just like Type 2's. In this case, DiaMetrix would be helpful for someone with Type 1. Remember, DiaMetrix will not substitute for the need of someone with Type 1 to take insulin regularly, but it may help prevent them from becoming insulin resistant.

How many tablets of DiaMetrix® should I take per day?

Take 2 tablets before each meal, up to 6 tablets per day.

NOTE: If you weigh over 200 lbs. take seven caplets per day.

When should I take DiaMetrix®?

DiaMetrix works best when taken before meals.

How long does it take for DiaMetrix® to work?

Studies show that DiaMetrix is fully effective within 30 days.

Is DiaMetrix® safe to use?

Yes. Toxicity testing on DiaMetrix has shown it to be safe when used as directed.

Is DiaMetrix® a natural supplement?

Yes, All active ingredients in DiaMetrix are found naturally in plants, either as extracts (herbs) or isolates (ascorbic acid, biotin), except one, Betaine HCL.

Is DiaMetrix® effective for Diabetic Neuropathy?

The two main factors that cause diabetic neuropathy are 1) neurovascular factors, leading to damage to the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to nerves, and 2) autoimmune factors that cause inflammation in nerves.  DiaMetrix promotes normalized blood sugar levels and reduced levels of inflammation.

Have there been any credible studies done on DiaMetrix®?

Yes (2). A preliminary trial was conducted in 2006 with positive results. This led to a larger 100 person, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, human clinical study conducted in 2007. CLICK HERE to review the study results and conclusions. The Murine study was concluded in late 2010. CLICK HERE to review the study results and conclusions.

Do I need a prescription to buy DiaMetrix®?

No. DiaMetrix is classified as a dietary supplement. It does not require a prescription for purchase. If you are taking medications always consult with your doctor before using any herbal supplement.

Is the glycemic index really helpful to people?

Absolutely. You don’t need to eat a particular food to know what effect it will have on your blood insulin levels. This work has already been done on all major foods.

Some foods cause little or no insulin to be produced in your body. Others cause a great amount of insulin to be produced. People with type 2 diabetes cannot metabolize carbohydrates properly, so it is important to eliminate or severely limit any food that causes significant insulin production. The glycemic index labels every food according to the amount of insulin it causes to be produced in the body once it is eaten. Glycemic index numbers tell us what foods are good choices for people with type 2 diabetes and what foods are not good.

You can find much more information about the glycemic index on our web site under “research reports.”


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Suggested Usage:

As a dietary supplement, take two caplets, three times a day with water before each meal. If you are committed to your body's blood glucose health, DiaMetrix can be a trusted partner in your quest for health and vitality for years to come.


DiaMetrix beneficial effects based on the literature of its components:

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is an extract of a tropical fruit called the Malabar tamarind. It’s sour, and often dried or pickled to add to curries. It’s said to be an appetite suppressant that may block the body’s ability to make fat and has become a popular weight loss supplement.

What it does: 

• Helps control appetite
• May help suppress fat accumulation thanks to hydroxycitric acid (HCA) 
• Known to enhance culinary experience of food


Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema is a woody climbing shrub that has been used in ayurveda for over 2,000  years. The plant is thought to stimulate insulin release in the pancreas, and chewing on the leaves can temporarily interfere with the ability to taste sweetness.

What it does: 

• Stimulates insulin production
• Slows absorption of sugar-based carbs 


We all know cinnamon as a warm spice used to flavor coffee and baked goods, but extracts from the bark of the cinnamon tree also have traditional medicine applications. It’s a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to reduce oxidative stress.

What it does: 

• Powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress
• Works to maintain normal blood glucose in healthy people
• Inhibits undesirable digestive enzymes

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon has insulin-like properties that help the body metabolize sugar, moving it to the liver, muscles, and fat. It’s a nutrient-rich melon that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

What it does: 

• Insulin-like properties that help metabolize sugar
• Helps maintain normal cholesterol in healthy people
• Preliminary evidence shows it can aid in prevention of hair loss

Betaine HCL

Betaine hydrochloride is used for natural digestive, gallbladder, and metabolic support. It’s an acidic form of betaine, which can be found in beet juice and grains.

What it does: 

• Slows digestion
• Helps regulate blood sugar
• Supports the immune system
• Reduced rate of fatigue in several studies

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) fortifies and protects the body’s blood vessels from damage. It’s a water-soluble vitamin found in citrus fruits, bell peppers, cauliflower, kale, strawberries, and tomato.

What it does: 

• Protects blood vessels from high blood sugar related damage
• Increases absorption of the essential mineral iron
• Aids blood flow in people with impaired circulation
• Hospitalized patients have reported increase in mood thanks to vitamin C

Banaba Leaf

Banaba is a plant native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia that has been used in folk medicine for centuries. It’s a natural source of corosolic acid.

What it does: 

• Works to support normal blood glucose levels in healthy people
• Can inhibit carbohydrate uptake


Fenugreek is a powerful medicinal herb high in soluble fiber, which slows down digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates. Recognized as a spice in Indian, Turkish, and Egyptian cuisines. In traditional medicine, Fenugreek seeds are used to support healthy blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation.

What it does: 

• Slows digestion and absorption of carbohydrates
• Commonly associated with increased libido and testosterone in men
• Decreases DHT associated with hair loss


Vanadium is a mineral that has been shown to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and may also help with water retention and heart disease. It’s a trace mineral found in radishes, eggs, dill, and buckwheat.

What it does: 

• Increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin
• Increases duration of insulin signaling
• Assists the other 15 essential minerals required by the body

Each of these three products has positive effects on blood sugar. Taken together they could have a profound effect on the cellular level and offer the body benefits far beyond your intended goals. Including: Enhanced Mitochondrial Function, More Natural Energy, Better Nutrient Transport, Increase Memory and Mental Alertness, Healthy pH Levels, Metabolic & Blood Oxygenation Support, Organ Cleanse & Detoxification, Musculoskeletal & Joint Support, Digestive System & Colon Support, Heart, Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Support and much more.


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Who Am I Buying From?

Markit Health, LLC conducts comprehensive analyses into superior supplements and products that help create wellness. Thousands of hours of research and hundreds of interviews with doctors and scientists have guided our company in offering this exclusive product line. Our products cover everything from general health and wellbeing, athletic performance, vibrant aging to condition specific supplements for persons who are addressing more serious health issues.

These products are not available in any health store or vitamin shop but are used by hundreds of clinics and health care professionals across the United States and abroad.

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