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AMAZING AMINOS AC are an essential part of any supplement protocol offering perfectly balanced amounts of pre-digested Amino Acids.

AMAZING AMINOS AC is a New and Improved formula that consists of amino acids, short peptides and minerals that are derived from the finest Atlantic Cod. Most amino acid supplements are produced by industrial processes using bacteria or other synthetic processes while ours comes from a living organism – Fish. Our amino acids are perfectly balanced in the naturally proportioned amounts needed to build new proteins and support physiological processes.

AMAZING AMINOS AC contains non-essential amino acids (which can normally be synthesized by the body), as well as essential amino acids (those which must be obtained from the diet). 

AMAZING AMINOS AC are now provided in a smooth natural citrus flavored powder that you mix with water. AMAZING AMINOS AC will provide you with Protein Hydrolysate, the most natural extraction of Amino Acids available.

AMAZING AMINOS AC incorporates amino acids in balanced proportions that actually match those found in human body protein. This ensures easy, complete absorption by the body. The natural balance also helps to fill in nutritional gaps in the diet or particular needs due to digestive malfunction.

Utilizing enzymes from natural sources, the amino acids and peptides are extracted in a way very similar to human digestion. Following separation of fish oil, calcium from bones and other residual material, the final product is refined and dried to a powder.

The raw material used and the proprietary, natural process employed moves AMAZING AMINOS AC far beyond traditional dietary supplement amino acid products. The result is a wholesome and balanced source of nutrition that is compact, safe and conducive to rapid and complete assimilation (high bioavailability), and providing support to all vital functions in the body.

When ingested, the amino acids and other ingredients of AMAZING AMINOS AC are absorbed directly through the epithelial cells of the duodenum and through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream.

From there they are transported to form new proteins in cells and tissues, as hormones (chemical messengers), as enzymes (biological catalysts), as precursors to neurotransmitters which carry messages from one nerve to another, to a target tissue as antibodies or as carriers for the transport of lipids in the blood, or for countless other tasks.

This is what leads to high expectations among medical professionals for AMAZING AMINOS AC efficacy in diverse areas of treatments. Many of these applications would normally be considered the province of the pharmaceutical companies but they are now in the purview of AMAZING AMINOS AC. We call it nutritional therapy.



AMAZING AMINOS AC are perfectly balanced in the naturally proportioned amounts needed to build new proteins and to support healthy physiological processes. AMAZING AMINOS AC is the only pure source of all-natural, full spectrum free form amino acids on the market. 

AMAZING AMINOS AC is unique in that it originates from many different parts of the Wild Atlantic Codfish. This means that proteins found in various parts of the fish will contribute to the uniqueness of AMAZING AMINOS AC full spectrum of amino acids.

Even if you are healthy and your digestive system is working properly it takes a long time to break protein down through digestion and turn it into amino acids. Free form and short peptide amino acids found in AMAZING AMINOS AC  from Wild Atlantic Codfish are already pre-digested. 

Amino acids obtained from Wild Atlantic Codfish are almost identical to the amino acid profile of humans. Amino acids are just beginning to get the attention of the mainstream medical profession. As more research is conducted and more doctors understand the importance these amazing micronutrients have on human health, it is inevitable that a major shift will occur in how many diseases are treated with Amino Acids in the future. 

We believe this product can transform the health and well-being of millions of people across this planet in ways not seen before in the supplement industry. AMAZING AMINOS AC is a full spectrum amino acid supplement produced exclusively from the finest Wild Atlantic Codfish in the world. There is nothing comparable to AMAZING AMINOS AC in the supplement industry. We believe it will revolutionize the entire dietary supplement industry in the months and years ahead because it is a living amino acid supplement that is pre-digested for rapid delivery into your bloodstream. 

A quick side by side comparison to any other amino acid supplement on the market being sold in vitamin or health food stores will prove that there is nothing else like it. AMAZING AMINOS AC contains no artificial colors, dyes, synthetics or isolated pharmaceutical grade amino acids. All we use is the completely predigested powder from the Wild Atlantic Codfish. 

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What People are saying about AMAZING AMINOS AC

I have only been using Markit Health products for a few months. After less than one month my hairdresser could not believe what a difference this regimen has made in the health of my hair. She could not believe how long and soft it was. I will be using these products for years to come. The Amazing Aminos really are AMAZING!

Excellent products, I am particularly impressed with Amazing Aminos which my husband I take daily. My husband at age 87 began to show muscle weakness and had trouble getting out of the chair. After taking the Amazing Aminos, he recovered and doing so much better to impress his doctor. DNA 360 and Vibrant & Clear Phospholipids are also great products and they keep us healthy and energized.

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The amino acid profile of fish is closely linked to man. Most plant sources of amino acids don’t offer a complete profile and in this day and age most of those plant sources that can be used have been altered by genetic engineering. The codfish used to obtain these amino acids are some of the purest, cleanest and highest quality fish you will find anywhere in the world.



Who Am I Buying From?

Markit Health, LLC conducts comprehensive analyses into superior supplements and products that help create wellness. Thousands of hours of research and hundreds of interviews with doctors and scientists have guided our company in offering this exclusive product line. Our products cover everything from general health and wellbeing, athletic performance, vibrant aging to condition specific supplements for persons who are addressing more serious health issues.

These products are not available in any health store or vitamin shop but are used by hundreds of clinics and health care professionals across the United States and abroad.

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